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Lukah Bell
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hi I'm Lukah and Drawing is my thing.
I'm always willing to talk and I'd like to be able to give everyone a chance to be friends.

I use he/him or they/them pronouns.

If you want to see all of my art, you have to go to the show all gallery thing, because a large amount of my work is NOT in the featured.

I fucking love anatomy and it's what started me on drawing.

I love character dynamics and how they fit together almost as much so I tend to look too hard into small things that characters do and say.

I'm pansexual, and that's pretty much all I can think of to describe me for now...

If you want to contact me for anything you can find me here, on my tumblr, or on Skype

My Personal/Fandom Tumblr

My Art Tumblr

My Twitter


  • Mood: Sociable
SO I have been back to the hospital, and the blood whatever I have [they always talk to me when I'm doped up on morphine so the details are blurry as hell] grows cysts on my organs sometimes?? and the cysts go away eventually, and there's no deadly danger, it just hurts like fuck.
They gave me a shot that felt like liquid fire, and tbh I've never cried so hard in my life, that really fucking hurt, and now supposedly it should slow down, and maybe even go away for good, but if it doesn't go away it will be something I'll occasionally have to deal with.

Welp, at least I'm not dying???
No longer dying I guess, but the hospital sucks balls as per usual.
  • Mood: Sociable
Hey! I'm Lukah, and I'm in charge of visual arts on DeviantART-Smiles!
Visual art being drawings, paintings, photography, and other things like that.
I do look at the poetry and stories, but Nak is in charge of that, so I'm not supposed to touch it, haha
SO! Being head of the visual arts here, I'm open to anyone with questions, AND I'm here to give everyone an idea of what they should be submitting!

So what's the group about?

The idea of the group is happiness and community! Through the group people can find available to them all sorts of great things such as feedback, exposure, fun events, the opportunity to make new friends and meet interesting people, positive energy, a place to go when you need cheering up, group chat events, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff that we'll make up and decide on along the way!!

Who is in charge of this great place?

Naktarra is the real brains of the operation, doing all the not so fun stuff that keeps this place magical and running smoothly! And I handle all the visuals you guys submit and stuff. 
She's the Batman to my Robin, with her gadgets and top secret stuff, and my fun shenanigans and pretty colours!

So what do you want from me?

SMILE! And also feel free to join and become a part of our loving tightly knit community! The point of it all is to instill happiness amongst each other and ourselves! 
Another thing you could do, is join some of the affiliate groups, which are more specific about what to do in the community, such as writing, critiquing, or world-building and collaborating on a giant comic!

So what kind of stuff would I submit?

Art associated with, or about DeviantART-Smiles, is obvious of course, but another big thing is motivation and encouragement! 
Motivational work, gift art for others, happy and inspiring themes, and even just silly stuff to make people smile are all encouraged and welcomed with open arms!
What we DON'T want, are mean, hurtful or hateful things. No one here wants to deal with anything that's racist/sexist/ableist/homophobic/transphobic/etc.

So how can I get involved, and what can I do?

Right now we're just sorting up everything that will be planned and everything that will go on in the future, but of course we're gonna need help!!
As we progress we will need people who are willing to take out time of their lives to help when we need resources or materials!
Contributors would be expected to be able to run and host prompts, contests and even--if this becomes a thing--be in control of the critiquing or feedback section of the group. We would love to have a solid team of people helping and even just a smile will make the group's cogs keep on turning. If you're interested in helping out, note Naktarra!

So if you have any comments or questions, feel free to discuss them with either Nak or me, and together we will do our best to figure things out!
And also how to get you to smile, and join our group!
This is a to do list to hopefully keep me on track, feel free to ignore
So here we go, in a not necessarily concrete order, so long as I get them all done:

  • Finish that Redline Kyriah   Contest Entry By Greenest Alien-d7vyl53 by Lukahhhhhhhh
  • Finish the bottom Derek Porn Montage page I promised forever ago
  • finish the last commission I have rn [which, if you're actually reading the list, feel free to commission me too!]
  • Finish the "Dear Red" Fanart I started because wowie yes please Dear Red [The Game] by Lukahhhhhhhh
  • and then get back to the themes challenge;;;;;;;

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